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Tray + Amon Engaged | Palm Coast | Washington Oaks Garden

For this couple we decided to shoot in the beautiful gardens located in Palm Coast, tucked away spot where you can always get the most amazing shots! During this session I literally laughing 92% of this session! Now I know I know it is super easy to make me laugh but OH MY GOODNESS; This couple definitely has a great sense of humor to say the least! This was my first time meeting Tray and Amon and in minutes felt like Iv’e know them forever! Now lets talk about the small little details ( you should know I am obsessed with small details)..Anywho Tray and Amon not only brought Rosé they came sporting brand new Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton shoes! How Dapper!!

Now before you get to the good stuff let me tell you about one of the funniest parts of their session with me! OK so we are towards the end of the session and I tell Amon ( the groom to be) to lean into Tray and whisper something sweet into her ear that will make her blush. Now normally on every other occasion I’ve NEVER heard what the groom to be actually says..NOT THAT DAY haha so I tell you no lies when I heard him say “ I’m gonna make you a sandwich” OH MY GOSH almost dropped my entire camera hahahaha ! OK not to the good stuff Enjoy their session as much as we all did!

“I’m gonna make you a sandwich”

“I’m gonna make you a sandwich”