crystal ballroom st. augustine wedding

Dasia + Orne Wedding | Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine |

In Florida the scariest thing is to plan your entire wedding; to then get so close to your date and be hit with the news that a whole entire hurricane is on its way! That was exactly the case for Dasia and Orne! About a week prior to their wedding the news begin to send the state of Florida into panic as they gave word of Hurricane Dorian due to hit Florida head on as a Category 3! It got so scary that it was quite possible that this wedding date was going to have to be moved! As September 1, came closer thankfully Dorian changed its path and didn’t do ANY damage what so ever and didn’t even make landfall ( can I get a Hallelujah !) So to say at the very least I was so SUPER EXTREMELY pumped to shoot this wedding! The weather was perrrrfeect!! Beautiful blue skies and no rain in sight!! Everything went better than planned and I am so happy to share images from their perfect and hurricane FREE day!

Enjoy :)

Credits: Venue Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine | Makeup: Jo Michelle